miércoles, 23 de noviembre de 2016

not today Satan

Lo desafiante no es el poder 
No es la lección 
Es la propia forma de complementar cada angustia con un revés de sentimientos contrarios 

A partir de una sola vez es todo lo que necesitas para no regresar 

Cada regreso es una negación 
Cada regreso es un pedazo de tu entraña que dejas en la mesa para que se pudra 

Y si me voy al infierno que ahí me quede 
Que al cabo de ahí vine 

La promoción de valores sincretizados no nos va alcanzar 

one more time where you stopped loving me

Enter twine
Enter wine 
enter light 
enter life 
enter night 
Flys so deep 
Sleeps streams 
Mind by mind each one beams 
At their own Long lasting agony 
At their own long travesty 
Fingers that grope in a darkness so keen 
In a darkness heat 
In darkness beat
The night boils
The obscurity obtains the by and by 
Blindness in the light comes by 
Enter light 
Enter life 
Enter night 


At the  end of my story I am the winner 

Backing up crazy mess

Packing it all up 
Your baggage 
Your lack of stressful commentaries
I return to the pack 
The pack that I shouldn't have left in the first  place 
I am a wolf 
A lonely wolf and I think I love and I forget that I was born alone. That in the most important and successful moments of my life I have been alone and that I will die alone as well. 

But I don't feel alone 
I am alive
The lonely feelings don't harass me 
Loneliness is a blessing and I should start to see it like one. 
If ignorance is bliss 
Then loneliness is a blessing
Count them in
More time for you 
More time to reflect on the truly important matter in life 
Your transcendence
Nothin more 
Nothing less 
Immortality is what calls upon me 
The rest is trash 
The rest is your entertaining 
The rest just keeps you a bit up for a longer period before you enter Valhalla 

And it awaits for me
Like a grown warrior 
Like a great conqueror 
The conquest of the mind is the hardest and I'm constantly on my way every day to be my own master 
My mind dominates my body 
And I dominate my mind
I am
With the stars 
The universe and I like Pablo said, erase each other at the same time.  

jueves, 10 de noviembre de 2016


Repeating faces
Repeating phrases
Repeating phases 

intensity in my heart
immensity in my heart
fierceness in my heart
depth in my heart

Tears that never meant to fall
They fall on it’s own
Make me clear
Easy on the eye
What a curse

Repeating faces
Repeating phrases
Repeating phases 

I am the shepherd that relinquishes
I am the tongue of fire
I am the woman that nobody listened to
The oomph that lingers

Agonizing is an understatement
Shedding my skin
Mental metamorphosis
Breaking the chrysalis

Repeating faces
Repeating phrases
Repeating phases 

The illusion of pain
So real
so tangible
So mine
Forgetful of my mistakes
Internalizing the irony

In this shit world everybody has two sides if you are lucky
Shake my hand and break my stride
Shake my hand and crack me open

Don’t summon the monster if you can’t embrace it
The face in the reflection I no longer recognize.

Solshine 2016


Paid in full for a fool
In the mean of all mankind I lie
In the midst of a storm
I am born again

ardency consumed me to the last bone
I surrendered, I gave in, I died
Every eyelash burnt to a crisp
Paid in full for a fool

In a world where the day starts
Not with you
Not for you
In a day where the world ends

In debt I never had the truth
But today I am hard as nails  
Did you change?

No one could see fear
Becoming my guardian
Not anyone came by
Paid in full for a fool

People you’ll never spot again
await for a future that will never clock in
You are only dust
I did too

Pay in full, fool!
You don’t mind when demons
Just touch what they like
What they haul with them

Sterilized being, you will pay for everything
immerse yourself naked
I can’t recognize your voice
I don’t know what these hands look like

You look tired today.

Build something you can fucking destroy it later!

All’s well

-You're so goodlooking!
-Thanks, on the inside, I'm dead.

amicable communication
good day
good night

I dabble
ordering myself
not to hurt
I know better

hungry to disclose
what I feel, live, see
I stand alone
And reduce it all to
“Hope all’s well”

hungry to disclose
what I feel, live, see
I stand alone
And reduce it all to
“Hope all’s well”

Unparalleled conversations
Without essence
Without having anything
more than the clinging grasp
of maintaining contact

It's like ripping off my fingers
Expecting not to bleed
It's like looking into your eyes
And surmising not to feel

hungry to disclose
what I feel, live, see
I stand alone
And reduce it all to
“Hope all’s well”

I want to melt into you

Obtuse mind
It was in the cards
But not so fast
Not so intense

Once again I'm electrocuted
On the outside they admire my face and my body
But inside everything lies rotten

hungry to disclose
what I feel, live, see
I stand alone
And reduce it all to
“Hope all’s well”