jueves, 10 de noviembre de 2016


Paid in full for a fool
In the mean of all mankind I lie
In the midst of a storm
I am born again

ardency consumed me to the last bone
I surrendered, I gave in, I died
Every eyelash burnt to a crisp
Paid in full for a fool

In a world where the day starts
Not with you
Not for you
In a day where the world ends

In debt I never had the truth
But today I am hard as nails  
Did you change?

No one could see fear
Becoming my guardian
Not anyone came by
Paid in full for a fool

People you’ll never spot again
await for a future that will never clock in
You are only dust
I did too

Pay in full, fool!
You don’t mind when demons
Just touch what they like
What they haul with them

Sterilized being, you will pay for everything
immerse yourself naked
I can’t recognize your voice
I don’t know what these hands look like

You look tired today.

Build something you can fucking destroy it later!

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