miércoles, 23 de noviembre de 2016


At the  end of my story I am the winner 

Backing up crazy mess

Packing it all up 
Your baggage 
Your lack of stressful commentaries
I return to the pack 
The pack that I shouldn't have left in the first  place 
I am a wolf 
A lonely wolf and I think I love and I forget that I was born alone. That in the most important and successful moments of my life I have been alone and that I will die alone as well. 

But I don't feel alone 
I am alive
The lonely feelings don't harass me 
Loneliness is a blessing and I should start to see it like one. 
If ignorance is bliss 
Then loneliness is a blessing
Count them in
More time for you 
More time to reflect on the truly important matter in life 
Your transcendence
Nothin more 
Nothing less 
Immortality is what calls upon me 
The rest is trash 
The rest is your entertaining 
The rest just keeps you a bit up for a longer period before you enter Valhalla 

And it awaits for me
Like a grown warrior 
Like a great conqueror 
The conquest of the mind is the hardest and I'm constantly on my way every day to be my own master 
My mind dominates my body 
And I dominate my mind
I am
With the stars 
The universe and I like Pablo said, erase each other at the same time.  

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