martes, 6 de diciembre de 2016

The world is my representation

Identification doesn’t come from exiting yourself
you are not other things, everything you know
is already in you
you are not what you see
but all the things you have seen will soon belong to you

the subject of representation knows objectivity
all these forms insist on structure
space time and causality
inserted into your eyes
find you a priori

natural beings objectified
organic inorganic pain
they have no real existence, outside this sad representation
la vida es un sueño
undo this veil

only the thing for itself deserves real existence
desire, want, wish, Will

the world as Will
the thing itself
the very last representation
metaphysical dreams overrule the universe
a complete force called WILL

the Will to live
the Will to power
the will to pulsate
just an insignificant projection 
of the Will

appearance just a representation
all your suffering comes from desire
Will is not a slave to the forms of phenomena
Anything outside space and time can be separated
your emotions are not real

Electricity, gravity flies in me
Knowledge serves the Will
Fundamental nature of the universe
Will operates without a move, like blind motor running around
Historicism shots heavy on your head


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